This short film is the audio-visual experiment based on the poem “Please Listen” by the great Russian-Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. The poem is read by the poet himself (record of 1915) and by the automatic voice of the Google-translator.

The Dummy and its mirror-reflection are in the waiting room of God. They mimic the talk of a Human and the God and dancing.

The idea is that there is such a force of love when a human is ready to ask the God even to light a star on the sky. But the human doesn’t confess that it’s for the sake of the beloved one and he lies. And in front of such Love the God demonstrates whole the power of his greatness and generosity, so that even a Dummy can feel the depth of human’s experience.

The dance of the Dummy is the vogue hands-performance which is based on the narcissism idea. So the Dummy and its reflection dance the vogue-performance until the moment when the mirror turns out. That moment the Dummy notices the world around it and starts breathing.

Project took a place in:

Special mention: ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Germany, October 2016
The best experimental FreeNetWorld Berlin December, 2016
Official selection:8th Cairo Video Festival, February 2017
48e Poetry International festival Rotterdam may 2017
Delete TV, May 2017
29 Girona Film Festival, August 2016
POST MORTEM, Spain, October, 2016
BIDEODROMO International Experimental Film and Video Festival, September 2015
Ozark Shorts, January 2016
AdFem, September 2015