On July 19, Vladimir Mayakovsky Museum and Mediamead Studio organized the 122-aniversary of Vladimir Mayakovsky in Fitil Cinemaclub. During the evening celebration everyone could listen to poetry readings, play the outdoor games of the period, and feel themselves as a main hero of the famous poem- a cloud in trousers.

Videoinstallation was developped based on cross-platform of OpenCv, a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time computer vision. MediaMead Studio used a BackgroundSubtractorMOG and Perlin noise, a type of gradient noise to create clouds.

In order to connect Canon 5D MarkII in streaming video mode with HDMI we used BlackMagic as a capture unit. Also, we worked with BlackSyphon Software and CamTwist for MacOS X to convert declink to a format compatible to OpenCV. The colors and backlighting (a contrast between a man and background) were very important for this process.